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Yuri Ivanov

Yuri Ivanov

Accomplished mutant and surviving member of X-men west coast


Yuri Ivanov was born in the rural area of Russia to a poor farm family. he led a normal life until he was thirteen years old. Yuri was feeding the livestock and got to the Family bull. the bull was supposed to have been locked inside a special cattle restraint but when Yuri was inside the pen the bull broke free of the restraints and charged him. Yuri ran as fast as he could but was trampled and gored. When Yuri regained consciousness he found himself without injury. This was the first time Yuri expeerienced his special abilities. Later, when yuri was fifteen, he would go in to town with his father to sell produce. He and his father were ambushed on a back road by a small gang. in the fight Yuri knew no harm would come to himself and so defended his father as best he could. But one of the thugs got behind him and attacked his father. in a fit of rage Yuri lifted the man of his feet and hurled him 100 yards down the road. With his new found strength Yuri beat the remaining thugs into submission. A year later he would be visited by the X-men and offered him an enrollment in the school. While attending Xavier's school Yuri would discover his third ability: Martial arts Intuition, allowing him to learn new martial arts within moments of seeing them for the first time.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Yuri is cocky, stubborn and straight forward in his approach. He usually prefers getting his hands dirty and letting the higher ranking members of his team to do the thinking. He is 27 years old with a curly, black beard that matches the short, curly black hair on his head and green eyes. Despite the fact that they make him stand out in a crowd, Yuri continuously searches for the perfect tattoos to add to his perfect warrior image. Like the other members of X-Men west coast Yuri wears specially tailored outfits that allow for him to blend in with crowds without being restricted in fights. He stands 6' 3" and weighs 178 lbs. 


Formerly a student at Xavier's school and now one of four surviving members of X-men west coast.


-Type 2 supernatural strength

-Advanced Level Regenerative Healing factor

-Fluent in Russian and English

-Expert in numerous martial arts thanks to his martial arts intuition , a few of them beng: Muay Thai, Shotokan Karate, Jiu-jitsu, and Krav Maga. As well as many others.