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X-Men Mansion Graveyard

Deceased MembersEdit

-Dominic Giovanni

Derek Acerbi's distant cousin and skilled Kickboxer. used both himself and his clone to shield the remainder of the team from the explosion caused by a missile from an MRD attack helicopter. Dominic was the last member to die and his sacrifice allowed for the current four members to survive.

  -GeoKinetic Cloning 

 -Black Belt in Karate and Ninjitsu

-Susan Arnold

Susan was the first team member of X-Men West Coast to die in the ambush when the first attack helicopter fired on the X-Tower with it's machine guns. 

   -Elektrokinetic Whip Generation 

   -Basic level Supernatural Speed 

-Fredrick Armstrong

Frederick was killed when the MRD caught him between two high powered magnets and ultimately ripped his essence apart. Fredrick was the fifth member to die.

  -Permanent Electricity Mimicry 

  -Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt

-Donald O'Neil 

Donald was killed second in the same hail of machinegunfire as Susan. 


-Veronica Melbourne

Veronic was the fourth to die when MRD agents were able to shoot her multiple times, but not until after she had killed multiple MRD troops.

-Fire Generation

-George Murphy

George was the third Team member to die when a MRD agent kicked him out of a window and he fell to his death.

-Bone Manipulation

-Sense focusing

The AmbushEdit

On the eve of a massive mutant rally the X-Tower was ambushed in the middle of the night. First attack helicopters circled the building managing to kill both Susan and Donald. MRD troops repelled in through the roof and sides of the building. George was third to die when MRD troops overpowered him and kicked him through a window to his death. Veronica was able to kill multiple MRD agents before being shot in the back multiple times. Frederick Was faired well against the attack helicopters, managing to destroy all but one of the helicopters before specialy designed magnets were used to rip apart his molecules and spread his essence to the point of no regeneration. Dominic sacraficed himself and his earth clone by jumping in front of an explosion caused by the explosion from a missle fired by the last remaining helicopter. By stopping the missile short he bought time for Derek, Andrew, Yuri and Ashley to escape via a stealth jet similiar to the one used by the X-Men in New York. The four remaining members of X-Men West coast have been in hiding ever since.