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Hello everyone!

To get a start to our first storyline and to get more to follow, we'll need this to start with:

The Muller Family

It is vital to the storyline that we have users fill the spots of adopting a few of the family members to Alastor Muller. This will play an ENORMOUS role in the storyline for the X-Men for a LONG time.

So, to start it off, I'm going to need extreme dedication from any of the users who would like to adopt these characters. Also, the acts of these characters will also have to be mildly controlled. I will be creating the character pages of these characters to ensure that everything will go to plan.

Now, here is some information on the characters that will be needed to be adopted:

Erick Muller

  • Energy Manipulation
  • Special personality
  • X-Men Leader

Erick Muller was the first born of Alastor and Kate. His powers were strongly developed at the age of 12. Erick has always had a strong personality, doesn't take any crap from anyone, and is a very serious guy. The ultimate good-guy bad ass (pardon my french). Erick feels very strongly towards the ones he loves.

Emma Muller

  • Force Field Generation
  • Special personality
  • X-Men Member

Emma Muller was the middle child to Alastor and Kate. She is a very caring and loving sister. She's quite funny, but will also become very emotional toward the end of plot. Emma just wants what's right for her family, and she will try to gain all of their trusts.

Anthony (Tony) Muller

(this character will actually most likely be mine, depending, but I'll put up information on him anyway)

  • Gravity Manipulation
  • Complicated Personality
  • Bad guy

Anthony (Tony) Muller was the last born by Alastor and Kate. There is something in his past that has made him the way he is today (which will be shared later) and has a very mean personality. He believes in complete mutant rights, and would like nothing less than to rid the world of humans and let the mutant generation begin. (I can't put TOO much about him, or it'll ruin everything that will come to light).

'I will also be letting someone adopt Professor Muller'! So also comment whether you would like him as well everyone!