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Hello Everyone!

So to start out, I know what you're thinking: "Seriously, what is it this time, Colin?" but hear (read) me out, it's going to take you less than 5 minutes to do what I want you to do, so don't worry, ok?

I've got to start out by saying that everyone with a character needs to have a category that links with the characters they have. It is something our wiki needs so it is very simple and efficient to know which users own which characters. When we do this, I'd very much prefer that the categories are named "Category:USERNAME/Characters", however different alterations of this will be acceptable.

Now for further info.......

Categories are very important to a character page. It says a lot about them (what they're in, gender, age, etc.). What I need to clarify on is that there are certain categories that need to be on character pages. I've created a way for us to know which categories we need on our pages

(please follow the guidelines below to understand what categories are needed for character pages)

First thing first, all characters need to have the category.

As most of you know, the only group we're actively running for the time being is "X-Men", so I'll start off with them:


(This was once "Student", but after considering possible further storylines, I've decided it should be changed to X-Student, so please change that if you please)


  • GenderMale - Female
  • Mutant - Mutant
  • Grade - Basically just "#th Grade" (ex: "7th Grade" [no lower grade than 6th!] ~ This used to be things like "Sophmore" and "Junior" but this will also change ~)
  • Allegiance - Hero - Villain - Undecided Alleigance - Self-Allegiance (does what's best for them no matter the cost)
  • WIP (ran out of time during study hall :P)