Sera Kirkland


Sera Kirkland

The Hidden Secret

Vital Statistics
Born July 9
Age 17
Family Andrea (Sister)

Lily (Sister) Chris (Brother)

Gender Female
Species Superhuman
Eye Color Varies
Hair Color Varies
Status Single
Signature 100px
Magical Characteristics
Power Appearance Change
Writing Arm Right
Student or Adult Student
Moral Compass True Good
Most Influenced By Her Father


Sera lived a very normal life until around six, not knowing what her mad father was doing late at night. When she was three he suddenly had less time for her- her mother always did the cooking after that. He never tucked her in, or told her stories.

Then at six he led her down to the lab and strapped her to a table, projecting her with a bright ray of colours. After this, she was always able to change her appearance.


Sera is hateful, she...hates everyone and loves to prove she is better than everyone else. She lies so convincingly that it is impossible to tell if she is lying or serious. She doesn't care for anyone but herself. She prefrs to keep her own secrets, and doesn't share them with even her closest of friends (not that she has any.) She has quite an attitude.


This varies, but she mainly settles on blonde hair and green eyes, often saying that it makes her look superior to all others. She does quite like red hair, however.


"I am way more important than you will ever be."

"My clothes cost more than your wardrobe."