Ron Robertson's Room


Ron Robertson's Room is located in the Boy's Dormitories hall. It is spacious with a laptop, tv, and twin bed. His room get's very messy quite often. On the walls are pictures of life before his transformation, which is the life he wishes he could have back. He misses the old days with his family and friends, and uses the pictures to remember them. Ron does not read much but has a few books laying around.



Ron Robertson – Sophmore - My Room
Message – 16:34, August 11, 2013 (UTC)
*Ron placed down his things on his bed. 'This year is going to be interesting' he thought to himself. He put on a pair of headphones he'd stolen from a gas station on the way here, got out his iPod, and layed on the bed, listening to music, trying to past the day away with a nice rest.*