Pauline was born in Miami, Florida on December 21. Her parents were both lawyers and hardly had time for Pauline as she was growing up. Being an only child, and being neglected by her parents, Pauline remained a shy, quiet girl who never really had a lot of friends. Even though she tended to exclude her self from people, she tried to help those who needed it if she could. When she was about 13, Pauline discovered her ability of  Geokinesis. She was at the beach walking along the rocky shore and swinging her arms. As she walked she realized that the small rocks would move in the direction her arm was swinging. She decided to test what was happening and began flailing her arms. Rocks began flying every where, causing people to run away screaming, though no one was hurt. Scared of what she had done, Pauline ran home and tried to tell her parents what had happened. When they didnt believe her, she showed them with the pebbles in her fish bowl. Her parents were horrifed and called her a freak. They told her to get out of the house and to never return. And so she did. She left and just started running. After a few days, a group of people found her and told her they were like here. Mutants. They took her to a special place for mutants, Xavier's School. She spent the rest of her school years there, learning to control her powers. Twenty years have gone by since the day she entered that school and now she wants to return and help young mutants like she was helped.