"One day we will all live our dreams"


Jordan D. Clemsen was born to a wealthy family in San Diego, that where scientist researching genes however. growing up was no easy task for Jordan with his mutation. he was picked on horrendlessly. but he did not hate them he pitied that they could not see what he could see. one day Jordan took to the streets a viglantie not of justice, for justice is blind Instead a symbol of hope choosing to live on the streets and practice yoga instead of living in materialism.

just like everything in life there is a yin to yang when Jordan was little he met a friend the two loved philosophy talking for hours about is there a god? what does he feel like? ect until the came to a conflict while the two agreed most on a lot of things the thing they did not agree on was hope the friend was a nihilist and a pessimist while Jordan was an optimist the two collided and like all collisions the force pushes them in separate paths Dreading the name Amanass wherever Jordan went he is not mad at the friend he is mad at himself for not being able to save him.


a born leader just by the people he touches like a footprint on a world so warm like optima's prime. but logical like spock Jordan is the kind of guy who can make the best come out in people


short and thin culy hair and a smile. While in hero mode hood and taccom on wrist utility belt vest blue and black.


Sleep inducement Dream manipulation Illusion Manipulation Control over melatonin

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Headmaster Muller – rouge hero
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