Nicole Rivers is Clairvoyant Junior at Xavier's School.




Nicole Rivers was born on July 18 to Alexa and Robert Rivers. Alexa and Robert were addicted to alcohol, drugs, and smoking. Her parents weren't good parents and sent her away to boarding school. Nicole hated her boarding school and trashed her headmaster's office and got banned from ever returning to that school. She was sent to another strict boarding school. She would always ditch classes hoping not to get caught. This was when she discovered her powers. She was runnning out of the school and bumped into one of the bullies at her school on her way out the door. She somehow knew the history of the bully and called her a nickname of her childhood. She didn't realize this at first but it dawned upon her eventually. This was when Headmaster Mulller contacted her and she was sent to Xavier's School. She is currently 16 years old and a junior at Xavier's School.



Nicole is an independent and tough young lady. She prefers to fly solo and be unique. She is very smart and clever. She describers herself as an outsider looking in. She hates crowds and but doesn't enjoy being alone all the time. Overall she is a kind person. She can be very over-dramatic and is good at lying. She is bisexual. He weakness is being hyper. She always want to have everything her way. When she doesn't she'll do anything to make herself happy such as trashing places and painting graffitti. She loves to have parties. 


  • Rock N Roll - Avril Lavigne
  • Here's 2 Us - Victoria Justice



Nicole is a beautiful young lady. She has straight thick brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. She is 5'9. She doesn't wear much makeup. She normally wears extremely ripped jeans and tank tops.


Nicole Rivers has the power of Clairvoyance.

  1. She see information such as previous locations and materials/ingredients of non-alive objects such as rocks, water, and food by touching it.
  2. She can read the history, personality, and thoughts of people by touching them.
  3. She can see memories from a narrator's perspective.
  4. She can also see information without touching the object/person if she concentrates extremely hard.


  • Her clairvoyance.
  • She is smart and clever.
  • She is a great liar.


  • She is really hyper which can cause her to make extremely weak desicisions.

Goodbye MessageEdit


Nicole Rivers -Junior Year - Clairvoyant
"I'm a player, I'm a hater, but I swear you would never know because I got a smile on, I'm an ex-con that just got off parole." - Victoria Justice, "Here's 2 Us"

"You've seen it all. No you haven't. I can see it all and I will see it all."