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Administration Meeting

To Mel and Bea (and me) our administration meeting will be on Monday at 6:00 pm (Mel's time: for bea and I, 5:00 pm). Please remember to have some things we'd like to discuss for improvements to the wiki. Thanks! ~

Wolvey3.gif Colin 687 ~ Special:Editcount/User:Colin687 EditsMagneto3.gif 03:42, March 7, 2014 (UTC)

Character Categories

To everyone who has not done/seen this yet, please check the latest blog on Colin687's Blog Wall. Thanks! ~ 18:22, March 5, 2014 (UTC)

X-Men Storyline!

Please read Colin687's latest blog for more information!

Avengers, begin to Assemble!

Hello everyone! Avengers Mansion now is ready to be Role-Played on, meaning that we will be welcoming requests for users to create Avengers. Click the link for more information.

New Rule

All Word Bubble templates need to have the Word Bubble category added to them. Thanks! ~ Colin687

Let's get it started

Please read the blog above ^, and please PLEASE do read it. Let's get this wiki going everybody, I'm excited! :D Colin687

Expanding the Wiki

Hello everyone! As you know, the only role-play locations we currently have are Xavier's School locations. Don't worry! We are currently working on making it about so much more! However, we do need a lot of help. I'm in the process of accepting a few more users as Rollbacks, and hopefully, I can get with them, and find a solution to how to end this "draught". Thank-you for your patience, hope to get more places soon! Colin687

Avoiding Over Controlled Characters

Please read the blog above and comment. This is almost required from every user. It is not, but it is strongly recommended. Colin687

Leave the Mansion

I'm happy to announce that students (16 or older for drivers) can now leave Xavier's Mansion if they wish. All you have to do is make the page look a little fancy, but I helped with most of that. Enjoy!

Student Documents

Ok everyone, because of certain confussion, I've created this page to help all of us out of which powers your character gets and when they get them. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me anytime. I did the best I could, and remember that those are your characters and let's say if Ron becomes a Junior, then that means he gains the new powers that it says he's gotten. Colin687

User Meeting

If it is possible, please show up for a user meeting, available for all the Users of the Marvel Universe Role-Play wiki can attend. Colin687 has created a blog for more information. Please RSVP in the comment area of that blog. We will be asking questions such as "What do you want to see coming out of this wiki?" "What things should we add to the Marvel Universe Role-Play Wiki?" and so on. Thank-you, and have fun Role-Playing :)


Alright everyone, it's about that time that we will begin to need teachers for Xavier's School! There are 6 open teacher positions, one supervisor, one councilor, and four teachers of four subjects. If you would like to create a teacher, put them through Power Confirmation, and Colin687 will approve/deny them. To choose a subject, owl Colin which subject/position you would like to teach. This ends on August 20, 2013.

Power Confirmation is now Available!

Power Confirmation is finally up and Hope to see everyone making new and exciting character's!

Marvel Universe Role-Play Wiki

Welcome one and all to the Marvel Universe Role-Play Wiki! This is the Community corner where you can learn about the latest updates to the Wiki. The Wiki is not currently open for Role-Play, but we will notify you when it is. Also, if you are good at coding/creating new wiki's, we'd be happy to accept some help. Just give a shout out to Colin687. Thanks, and welcome again to Marvel Universe Role-Play Wiki.