Max Grey
Some attributes
First Female
Second 17 yrs. old
Third Mutant
Other attributes
Fourth Black Hair

Grey Eyes

Fifth Born Nov. 13
Sixth Creates and controls black energy


Max' is officially short for Maxine...but if you call her Maxine, she will hit you.

Max has a lot of history at other schools for fighting and disrespecting teachers...especially after her mom died.

'But before all that,' she was a...relatively normal kid, generally wisecracking. When she was seven, her third grade teacher tried to molest her. (She skipped a grade or two...) Somehow, something happened, Max made it happen, and the teacher...well, he didn't survive. (That's when Sarah Grey, Max's mama, found out her daughter was a mutant.) Max doesn't quite remember it that clearly...

In middle school, Max had to deal with some serious bullying (she didn't get tall until she was 14.) and the new knowledge that her Mother...was a spy.

During high school, Sarah, having a few abilities herself, trained Max in how to control and use her powers as best she could.


Fiery, loyal, compassionate, crazy smart, outgoing, vicious and ruthless when someone messes with her buddies. She has a lot of attitude and is very confrontational (not to mention her dark, gory side). She enjoys a fair fight (ex.: she never attacks from behind, fights with a weapon of equal stature to her opponents, etc.) Max always tries to keep her emotions in (as in sadness, love, etc.), but when she is extremely mad or extremely sad, they show. Despite her bad@$$ façade, she really has a kind heart. She loves kittens and puppies and going to the movies with her mom.


She can create black energy, manipulate it any way she pleases, make it solid, sharp, hot, explosive, in either form.

Max also has a black belt...for the sake of being brief, her mother forced her into it.

As for what makes her a hero...Max has a defensive side, and really doesn't like to see people get hurt. She thinks whatever dark forces are out there should just eff off, but knows the won't, which is why she wants to do this.

Later on, Max will be able to blow things up with her energy.

Collin's explanation