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 No Godmodding - Characters should not be able to explode planet earth in the blink of an eye. Characters should also not be able to simply kill someone without them allowing to defend themselves.

No Bunnying - You can not decide what happens to another character

No Metagaming - If someone is invisible in a room about to murder your character, your character should not suddenly know that they are there.

Realism - Try and remember that you need to make your character's reactions, talk, etc. realistic. You should not know everything about another character that your own character has not already been introduced to.

Language - All Role-Plays must be kept at a TV-14 level. This means that yes, curse words are allowed in RP posts, but certain phrases will not be allowed. The phrases or words not allowed on the wiki are listed here.

Relationships - All Boyfriend/Girlfriend Role-Plays must be kept at a TV-14 level. This means that yes, talk about sex is allowed, but Role-Plays can not get overly descriptive. This means that the Boyfriend/Girlfriend Role-Plays can not describe what is going on during. Do not let it get to a Fifty Shades of Grey level or a R or UR rating. Doing so will mean a warning, and doing so twice may mean banishment from the wiki.