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 Inappropriate Language - This will mainly be covered by Wikia's pinged words system, but still, if you do find a way to curse or swear on chat, please don't again. We want to make this a fun place for all of our users, and cursing on it will make it look sloppy.

Sexual Discussions - Secual discussions will not be allowed between users period. However, if the Sexual Discussion is about one another's characters, then they need to Private message eachother about what is going on. We don't need that on Main chat.

Threats - Threats to other users will not be tolerated. Threatening another user will result in an immediate block from chat.

Insults - Personal insults will not be tolerated. If you don't like what someone else is saying, don't say anything at all. Personal insults can result in block from chat depending on the circumstances.

Private Message - Users may not decline a private message from a moderator. 

Caps - Using caps will be considered as shouting, so we ask you do not use caps unless you truley are shouting at someone. And if you're doing that out of anger, it is possible you could be in trouble with some already existing Policies.

Flooding - Spelling words one line at a time is flooding, and will not be allowed on chat.

Activity - We ask that you please do be active whilst in chat. If you just sit there for over 30 minutes without saying why, you can be kicked.

Personal Information - Users are not allowed to ask about personal info on chat. It is considered to be a bit creepy.

Topic - Please try and keep your chatting topics appropriate and relevant. There is no other Wiki promotions or talking about other wiki's allowed on chat. Users should not say "Hey, come to the ________ Wiki, it's great." or they can be kicked. Also, if a user is talking a lot about another wiki with someone else who is also on that wiki, example: "You see what Madeyefire just said on Dumbledore's Army Role-Play Wiki? Can't believe it" "Yeah, me neither Melody6" ... That will not be allowed on Chat, and if they do so, they'll be asked to please take it somewhere else.