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Sockpuppeting - this means that you're pretending to be someone whom you are not. This can go under clarification that a user with (example) the username of Bilbo67 can not also have a double name Bilbo66 and for Bilbo66 to act like they are Bilbo67. 

Vandalism - Vandalism is something that Marvel Universe Role-Play Wiki will not deal with. If someone is caught deleting entire pages, editing them to be inappropriate, or something similar, they will get a warning. Doing so again will equal into a banishment from the wiki.

Inappropriate Username - This wiki will not allow users with sexual or curse words in their usernames, and will be banned. Not to mention, Wikia doesn't allow it either.

Age - A user must be 13 or older to participate on this wiki. It is not only this wiki's policy, but it is rules of Wikia and Law of the U.S. Government.

Bullies - People who are rude, mean, or in other words a bully will not be allowed on this wiki, and shall be blocked for their actions if they are extensively bad.

Character Insults - Will be dealt with accordingly

Copyright - Copyrightting is taking copy other peoples work, and applying it to your own stuff to make it look like your own. Doing this will result in a 2 day block. Doing so again will be handled indefinately.

Typically, three blocks will be given, the third block being indefinite, while the other blocks build up to it. However, Administrators have the right to block indefinitely on the first block, or after the third block.