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Lovino - Title


Lovino Braginski

Student at Xavier's School

Vital Statistics
Born -
Age 17
Family Braginski Family
Gender Male
Species Mutant
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Status Alive
Other Infomation
Alignment Good
Aliases The Total *******
Education Xavier's School
Powers Logic Manipulation
Weakness Power drains him.

Lovino Braginski is a 11th Grade student at Xavier's School.

Lovino - History

Lovino Braginski was taken by his maternal uncle Antonio when he was very small,leaving Feliciano to live with his paternal uncle, Roderich. Neither had a particularly good time there, for Feliciano had to slave around after Roderich, although he did fall deeply in love with Roderich's other adopted son, who it should be noted was treated better than Feliciano. Lovino was meant to slave after Antonio, but he always caused trouble for him whenever he could- i.e making a massive mess instead of cleaning whenever his bossy uncle left the house. His uncle seemed to prefer Feliciano and often offered to swap with Roderich- offers that were always refused.

Feliciano first found out his power just before his elder brother, when Roderich was treating him more badly than ever before... and he persuaded him to let him go- his innate persuasion even though he didn't realise it yet- and he got transported to the mansion by Muller. He was told his power was persuasion.

Lovino found out his while he was eating tomatoes and lazing around the house- one moment Antonio yelled at him for not cleaning up... and when Lovino unintentionally used his power, Antonio let him go when he bent the rules of logic.

Antonio didn't see him leave, but Lovino still didn't know what his power was- and by the time Antonio realised, Lovino was already talking to Headmaster Muller and being transported to the Mansion. He was told his power was logic manipulation.

Then, Lovino found his younger brother. Was it a heartfelt reunion- no, but some tears were indeed shed. They told each other what had happened, although they still keep the stiff relationship of their childhood.

Lovino - Personaility

Lovino is very hateful, he swears quite commonly and never really considers anyone even a friend unless they make a super good impression on him- with him first impressions decide whether a person is worth his time or not. If they make a bad impression they are considered bad forever- well maybe not forever, but he rarely gives second chances.

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Lovino Stuff - Powers

Lovino uses the power Logic Manipulation, which allows him to disobey rules of Logic.