Nora PetroneThe Master of Gravity
Tenth Grader

Nora Josephine Petrone

Master Of Gravity

Vital Statistics
Born November 11th
Age 16
Family Dennis Petrone, Father
Mary Petrone, Mother
Eliot Petrone, Older Brother
Gender Female
Species Mutant
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Handedness Right
Status Alive
Other Characteristics
Power Gravity Manipulation
Allegiance It Changes Daily
Affiliation Xavier's School


What I KnowEdit

"Alright. I'll try to be quick an precise about my life thus far; It's not that long of a story, I assure you. And yes, I'm trying to sound at least somewhat professional here. I was born in Richland, Washington, USA- Which, if you don't know, is very close to the Hanford site, perhaps one of the most radioactive places in America- on November 11th, 1997. I have an older brother, Elliot, whose about four years ahead of me. My family is normal, as famlies go, although I don't see my father very often since he works for NASA. He wanted to be an astronaunt, but not everyone has the endurance, and now he's an Engineering Technician. My mother is a college professor; she teaches Physics."

"I guess it's kind of ironic that I can control gravity and all - or is that not the proper use of the word? Doesn't matter, either way. Moving on; I have no idea if the radiation eventually gave me my ability or if I was born with it. All I know is that I could make myself, and the things I was holding, lighter by the time I was 10. Given, I couldn't make myself extremely light, but I could lessen some of the weight pushing down on my shoulders."

"Excited, I told my parents about this 'ability' of mine, which they were obviously dubious of, until I demonstrated how I could leap into the air at a height that no human should ever reach unassited. That was perhaps my finest hour. So it isn't that hard to believe that word got around - eventually. Don't worry; No scienists got ahold of me. Instead, I was invited to become a student at Xaiver's Institute."


Her mood dicates her personality, and her mood is... fragile. It doesn't take very much to push her into depression, pull her into happiness, lock her into pure hatred. In general, however, she is self-serving and bluntly honest. Her intelligence borders genius, but she doesn't always utilize it.


She has shoulder-length hair that falls into small, blonde ringlets, a wide nose, and blue-grey eyes. Her eyebrows seem to be constantly raised as if to ask in a condescending tone - "Is that so?"


"People are simultaneously wonderful and wicked."
Roleplayed by Melody