Katherine "Kat" McGowan

Teacher at Xavier's School for the Gifted.


Katherine's always been a bit of a geek. She was born on August Eighth to Leilani and Gregory McGowan. She grew up in a quiet, calm nieghborhood, not knowing she had Mutant abilities until she was about ten years of age. After her abilities grew to where she could control it a little, she was contacted by Professor Muller.

Though she never quite got into the whole X-Men scene, she was still very geeky, quiet and smart. Once she left Xavier's school, she figured what she wanted to do. She continued on, learning more about the History of mutants and humans alike. Now, she is applying for a teacher position in the school.


Katherine is sweet, quiet, smart and modest. She'll help a person out when they need it, but she doesn't see her abilities as important, as she can't really do anything with them other than predict the future. This doesn't mean she can't be tough. If you're mean to her, she'll be mean right back, and won't with-hold any of her attitude. Don't try fighting her, either. She'll be able to see what you're about to do.



  • She was born on August Eighth in 1990, making her 23 years old.
  • She can't travel very far. Two miles away at the most.


Her model is Rose McGowan.