She's Justical and kind. She is stubborn and sometimes lazy. But she gets the job done when asked by a teacher. She is very friendly and fun-loving, she is sweet and very protective of the innocent. She strongly believes in kindess and justice is the way to solve your problems.


She has red hair and blue, she hates being called a ginger. She is a casual girl that likes to wear her hair down. She is a beautiful girl.


She was born to mutant hero Sammie (her mom is Sammie) and Roger. She always got good grades and had a good life of wealth. Her dad was a agent while Sammie was a hero. She first learned about her powers at the age 3 when her fairy wings started to develop. Roger taught her to control her powers when her wings fully devolped at the age 8 years. When her other powers developed at the age 10. She was taught by her mom on that one. After a while her parents got a divorce when she was first started super hero school. She is currently 15 years old

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