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JoJo Offerman
Name(s) Jo-Jo Offerman
Height 5'2
Weight 110 lb
Born March 10, 1994 (age 20)

Resides Xavier's Mansion for Gifted Youngsters
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Powers Survival Instinct

Joseanne Alexie "JoJo" Offerman is a mutant in Xavier's School and is the daughter of two mutants. At age thirteen, JoJo learned that she was a mutant and had been accepted into Xavier's School For the Gifted. She possessed a brilliant academic mind and proved to be a gifted student.

When JoJo was young she traveled with her parents on many of their archaeological expeditions. These expeditions and the mysteries they uncovered helped her shape the young woman she was becoming. It was on one of these expeditions where her parents vanished and were presumed dead.

Even though JoJo's family left her with a vast fortune, giving her the means to attend any school with ease, she decided that she wanted to earn her own way. Her powers had come in and she didn't want to go to school. Instead she enrolled into Xavier's school to prefect her powers.


Jojo’s bubbly personality outside the mansion is abandoned by this young rookie when the bell rings. With her youthful energy, determined attitude and fresh look, the multi-talented JoJo is ready to leave her mark on the X-Mansion division and entertain the world. Don’t mistake this petite wonder as just another gifted singer; JoJo is also an accomplished dancer and athlete.


JoJo has having long, thick, curly black hair and has an olive tone skin, and being 5'3 and short. She is also known to be beautiful, having full lips, wide eyes.

Survival instincts - tr 2013

JoJo's power in effect.

Survival Instinct is JoJo's ability to analyse the world around her and see things of interest such as collectibles, animals, enemies and surfaces that she can climb. When activated, the background will fade to a grey colouring, while any nearby items of interest are highlighted with a yellow colouring. Examples of the view mode in use include following wolf footprints to find a medkit and also to find and locate hidden collectibles. Survival Instict works best if you are at a standstill when you use it. If JoJo moves, the grey effect will wear off. If you instead stand still and move her head around you objects can be more easily located.


JoJo wears her hair out. She has a black sparkly bra/shirt. She also has a black arm band and belt. She wears blue and purple tights. She also has a silver glove, she also wears blue Addidas.