Personal Information
Some attributes
First Age:15
Second Powers:Erebokinesis
Third Unknown
Other attributes


Genevieve Shadows was born in Southwark, England in 21st April 1997. She was adopted by a happy couple, the Smiths. A tag was put on the box she was in. It said this: Her name is Genevieve Shadows. Her birthday is April 21st. Look after her well. The Smiths raised her for 13 years till they died in a murder and she was sent to America to live with her aunt. She had found her powers at 6 and could control them but not fully. She covered her classroom in darkness once as a child. Then Professor Muller found her when reports of darkness where it should be sunny. People said it was the end of the world.


Genevieve is a lonely person. She doesn't like people that much unless she gets along with them very well and mostly avoids people altogether.


Genevieve has dark brown  hair which is straight. Her face is pale and she is quite beautiful.