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Fred Chase - Title


Fred Patrick Chase

Freshman at Xavier's School

Vital Statistics
Born -
Age 15
Family Chase Family
Gender Male
Species Mutant
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown/Ginger
Status Alive
Signature Fred Chase - Signature
Other Infomation
Alignment Good
Aliases Invisible Trickster, Invisible Pranker, The Sneaky Invisible Man
Education Xavier's School
Powers Invisibility
Weakness Fully Visible in Rain.

Fred Chase is a Freshman student at Xavier's School.

Fred Chase - History
Fred Chase was born to Homer Chase and Paige Chase. Fred gained his dad's trickster, pranking personality. Fred loved pranking people and was known as the Trickster when he was young. The gang of friends that he hung round with, were the Ghosts. That was what they named themselves. The Ghosts was a group that Fred founded. There purpose was to prank people. He had so much fun Throughout his life, Fred was always pranking people. It didn't matter who they were he would end up pranking them. But once, he tried to prank a murderer. He witnessed it first hand and this was the first ever time his mutant powers were shown. He become invisible for a short amount of time, and helped the victim. So, because of Fred's good deeds, the victim managed to just make it out alive. From then on, Fred used his invisibility a lot, not just to prank people but also to use it for good deeds.

At the age of 13, Fred was approached by Xavier's School in which he accepted to be a student.

Fred Chase - Personaility Fred has a friendly and funny personality. Always laughing and always smiling even in the darkest of times. Fred is cheerful and never means too much harm to anyone he pranks. Fred is very eager and energetic and is hard to stop him for one second. He can be very likable when you get to know him however many don't like him as there first meeting is usually a prank. Fred can be forgetful and truculent. He is quick to protect someone and would help someone if they were getting hurt or upset.

Fred Chase - Relationships

Fred Chase - Belongings

Fred Chase - Powers

Fred has the ability of Invisibility. Users can render themselves unseen by the naked eye and become invisible in visible spectrum. The user can move about an environment unseen by others and act without being observed.