Ethan Hawkins
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Ethan always loved to have fun and mess around. From a young age he would deviously sneak off and play tricks on his family. He was very outgoing and always found a way to fit in with a crowd and made countless friends and acquantiances on the way. His mom passed after the birth of his younger sister, so he was raised by his father and had a typical upbringing.

Starting in middle school and carrying over to high school, Ethan became a party animal. Every weekened he was attending one and he loved it. While he wasn't doing great in school, he did well enough and was enjoying life. In around ten grade at the age of 15 his powers began showing up. Being very loose and carefree didn't pay much attention and after several occassions of Ethan showing off his powers in public people were scared and freaked out by him. Soon Ethan wasn't attending parties and though he quickly became friends with people unaware of his mutant powers people aware of them wanted nothing to do with them.  Though it was disheartning for Ethan to lose his friends and weekly parties he remained optomistic about life. He spent a lot of time searching for a place where his mutant powers would be acceppted and though he was never able to find Xavier's Academy the X-Men found him and recruited him as student.

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Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Born December 1,1997th
Family Missy Hawkins(Mother) Theodore Hawkins(Father)
Lisa Hawkins(Sister
Status Alive
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Height 6'2"
Weapons None
Hometown Louisville, Kentucky
Friends/Allies -
Enemies -
Powers Cloud Manipulation


Ethan is very conscious about his appearance because he's noticed better-looking people tend to be invited to more parties. He has tousled brown hair and sometimes sports a thin beard. He has warm melted chocolate eyes and has a athletic build at 6'2, 165.


Ethan is a fun-loving, carefree guy, who loves to party. He doesn't hold grudges, is very nice, and charismatic. While he does get angry sometimes usually he's always sporting a smile and always looking for an adventure.


  • Flight
  • Cloud Generation
  • Fog Generation by lowering clouds
  • Solidfy Clouds
  • Cloud Constructs




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