Drew Meyers

Shape Shifter



Drew Meyers

Mutant - Animal Morpher

Vital Statistics
Born May 30
Age 14
Family Meyers
Gender Male
Species Mutant
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Light Brown
Handedness Right
Status Single - Looking
Other Characteristics
Power Ani-morph
Allegiance Mutants
Affiliation X-Mansion

Drew was born in Conetticut to Jennifer Meyers. She was a single mother, due to her boyfriend dumping her. Drew still doesn't know who is father is today. It was on August 7, Aaron Meyer's birthday (his eight year cousin's birthday) that he'd learned about his powers. The party was at the zoo, and when Drew went to pet one of the goats, he began to grow the characteristics of the same goat. He'd grown long brown ears, a snout, and hooved feet.

He couldn't control the power and was rushed to the Hospital. That's when Professor Muller found him. Muller taught Drew eaxactly what was happening and how to contain it, and he couldn't thank him enough. Drew now lives happily at Xavier's Mansion to full-fill his learning in a safe place.


Drew Meyers really enjoys having a good time, spending time with friends, and laughing. He's a very funny guy, and a lot of people like to be around him. He enjoys shape shifting to make people laugh as well. He's simply very social, and not afraid to speak.


Drew is a handsome 14 year old. He had brown curly haird and big brown eyes. He's not very tall, only about 5 foot 3 inches. He has a muscular build and is quite thin.


Drew is capable of shape shifting into any living animal that he has touched. He can not turn into anything unliving, because doing so would kill him.


  • Drew has walked around New York as a Chimpanzee once just to scare people.
  • Drew got his powers at a petting zoo.