Dina Rayne Ashton
Junior at Xavier's School for the Gifted


Dina Rayne Ashton was born to Keira and Niall Ashton on May 10th in 1997. She was raised on a farm, with a great family, in a great community, but she was different. She would get lost gazing at things, and would always get the hang of acrobatics and gymnastics without one bit of training. She was unique. She was a mutant. She didn't realize this until she was eight, when her father told her. In fact, he told her they had some of the same abilities. They both had Sense Focusing. But she was stronger. She had something else. Enhanced Agility. She tried to keep it a secret, even from herself. When she took lessons with her father, who taught Archery in the community, she had gotten it without a synch. She figured, at that moment, she couldn't keep it hidden. She looked for some place that could help her, a place that could possibly teach her more, and she came across Xavier's School, even before they came across her. She waited until the ripe moment, and was soon contacted by them. Her parents allowed her to go, and she is now a Junior.


Dina is headstrong, independent, and quick to act... And judge. She'll help somebody when they're in trouble, and she won't stand for any disrespect to her, or her friends. She will always act by herself, too. She won't ask for help, and probably won't accept it unless she knows for a fact she needs help. Loyal, too, she won't back down from protecting her friends, and will always stick with them, even if they are wrong. She'll just gently point it out, even if it means getting yelled at. When it comes to first meeting her, you'll have to make a good impression. Otherwise, chances are you aren't going to meet her again



  • Her birthday is May Tenth on 1997, making her 16
  • She is vulnerable to her other senses when using her Sense Focusing ability.
  • She has a Passive ability, which is Enhanced Agility.
  • Her Model is Lucy Griffiths
  • Dina Ashton is RPed by Lissy