Personal Information
Diamond currently.
Some attributes
First Age:16
Second Powers:Telekinesis
Third Occupation:Student at Xavier's School
Other attributes


Diamond Spark was born in Forks, Washington USA in December 21st 1995 to Gianna Spark (neé Luca) and Nathan Spark. Diamond had learnt of her powers when she was 6 and used to always play with her toys just by focusing. Her mother was terrified at the sight of this and since she was very superstitious, she thought that her daughter was a demon. Her father, however, was happy to see this since he himself was a mutant. Professor Muller went to Diamond's house and greeted her father. He had gone there to invite Diamond to the school.


Diamond is kind and generous, normally calm and intelligent and she can think her way out of bad situations, verbally and physically


Diamond has bright red hair that compliment her pale skin. Her eyes are blue and she is quite pretty compared to the average girl.