Derek Acerbi

Derek AcerbiEdit

A ruthless mutant hero determined to get revenge. He is an accomplished mutant and the leader of what remains of the west coast X-men. 


Derek Acerbi was born in New York and the son of a high ranking member of the italian mafia. Like his father, Derek was a mutant with the the power of Nerve manipulation. When Derek was ten years old his family was assasinated by the brotherhood of evil mutants. luckily, for Derek, the X-Men intervined before the Brotherhood could harm him. Derek would spend the next twelve years of his life attending Xavier's school. While at the school he would hone his nerve manipulation abilities and later discover that he is also capable of short bursts of Accelerated perception. 'Accompanied by his fellow survivors Yuri Ivanov, Ashley Griffin, and Andrew White, Derek was forced into hiding as the MRD increased it's influence throughout the west coast. 'Currently Derek and his companions run a small resistance movement against the MRD. In a quest for revenge, Derek won't stop until his sense of justice is fulfilled.


He is a man of few words, never saying more than he has to. Derek is usually calm and passive until he reaches his limit, then he reveals the pent up anger and contempt. He is very loyal to his friends and would fight to the final breath defending them. Generally very ruthless in his approach, as he is not afraid to use his powers to shut off organs or torture information from his enemies.


Was a student at Xaviers school for twelve years. Now a full fledged member of the disbanded western divsion of the X-Men. 

Age and AppearenceEdit

25 year old adult. Derek has Olive skin, light green eyes and black hair. Stands at 6 feet tall and weighs 168 lbs. Derek is also in peak physical condition. He refrains from wearing the standard X-Men mission suits, instead he wears casual and unassuming cloths that allow him to better blend in with crowds and are specially tailored to allow maximum mobility in fights and pursuits.

Abilities and skillsEdit

-Nerve Manipulation

-Accelerated perception 

-Extensive training in Krav Maga

Fun factsEdit

-The name "Derek" is German for "gifted ruler" fitting because he is the leader of the reamining west coast


-The last name "Acerbi" is italian for "Heartless"