Coraline Icewood

Coraline Icewood (Cora, or Ice for short)

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Coraline Icewood
Coraline – Student at Xavier's School, A.K.A- Bird-Girl
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"Hi everyone, I'm Coraline Icewood"


Coraline Icewood is an Orphan abandoned her at the front step of an all girls orphanage. She doesn't know who her parents are ever scince they left her at the all girls orphanage. She keeps her wings hidden from others and doesn't even know how to use them yet she would like to though.  She goes to a All Girls Orphanage payed school and the kids there make fun of her for bing skinny and taller than them. The only people who are nice to her are the teachers and the princible even though they don't know the reasion she's very tall and skinny is because she keeps her wings hidden in her extra large jacket with two hidden huge slits in the back of it. 


She's kind, and sometimes rude to though's who are rude to her.

Villan or HeroEdit


Grade, yearEdit

Student, first year, tenth grade





.Her wings give her the ability to fly, but she doesn't know how to use them yet.