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Charlotte Elizabeth Caster

Sophomore at Xavier's School

Vital Statistics
Born March 4th
Age 15
Family Caster
Gender Female
Species Mutant
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Handedness Right
Status Single
Other Characteristics
Power Intangibility
Allegiance Good
Affiliation Xavier's School

Charlotte Elizabeth Caster comes from a wealthy family in New York. Her parents divorced when she was a baby but her mother soon remarried a wealthier and nicer man. Growing up, Charlotte was raised right and lived a fairly normal childhood, apart from the more expensive than usual gifts she received during Christmas or birthdays. It was pretty quintessential and she didn't complain much because she knew she'd be called a brat. But life wasn't always so great.

When Charlotte was seven, her older brother Chase died in a car accident. He was a reckless teen who took advantage of a new license. A fun night out with friends took a turn for the worse. Some people weren't afraid to admit that he deserved it. Perhaps he did; he took advantage, he was slightly careless, and he was not a cakewalk to raise. But his family loved him nonetheless and he loved them back. Charlotte especially. That was a hard year for the Casters and to make things more difficult, Charlotte was developing her powers. And she didn't find out about it easily. Accidentally learning your hand can go through a piece of solid wood isn't exactly what a young girl expects. Charlotte is still having a bit trouble controlling it so her parents enrolled her at Xavier's. But Chase's death still lingers in her mind and can affect her mood.

+ friendly, respectful, good-natured
- discouraged, self-doubting, emotional
Charlotte is kind and humble. She was never arrogant and was never fond of other rich kids who boasted about their wealth. She's quite likeable but sometimes tries too hard to be empathetic because she thinks she understands people and their difficulties.

Charlotte also tends to be a bit of a pessimist and is hesitant when it comes to learning. She needs to be more confident in herself but always tries to have a smile on her face.


Charlotte has intangibility and possesses the ability to pass through solid matter. She's still learning how to control it though. Charlotte admits that she wants to get her entire body through a solid object eventually but perhaps she isn't trying hard enough.

  • Sometimes, she can accidentally go through a solid object.
  • The density of an object can affect the ability and thicker matter is harder to go through.
  • She also needs to hold her breath while inside objects.


  • Charlotte's face claim is Barbara Palvin.