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Carson Ridges

Carson Ridges

Vital Statistics
Born July 15
Age 23
Family Alexander and Elizabeth Ridges (parents), Katherine Taylor Ridges (little sister)
Gender Male
Species Human
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Chocolate Brown
Handedness Right
Status Alive; Single
Other Characteristics
Power None
Allegiance Future S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent
Affiliation Ridges Family

Carson Alexander Ridges is a 23 year old male. He currently lives in a large apartment in New York City. 


The history of Carson Ridges. Carson Alexander Ridges was born to Alexander and Elizabeth Ridges. Carson grew up in a middle class family with his parents, and his little sister, Katherine Taylor Ridges. He went to public school and took karate lessons getting all the way up to black belt by age 15. After he graduated high school, he left to college and studied Computer Science. After he graduated from college he started to learn more on his own and started learning techniques to hacking online accounts. He is currently 23.


Carson is a generally nice guy. He likes to be independent and be on his own. He doesn't like it when people get in his way. He's humble.


Carson does not have any powers but is extremely smart and has fast reflexes.