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Ashley Griffin

Ashley GriffinEdit

Accomplished mutant and surviving member of X-men west coast.


Ashley Griffin was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and was the daughter of a rich CEO for a automotive company. Ashley enjoyed a life of luxury and comfort while spending time with her dad's personal mechanic, learning about cars and how to repair them. One day, When ashley was twelve, she was working on a car when she accidentaly bent the enire chasis of a car into a perfect circle with only the slightest touch. Scared for their daughter's future, Ashley's parents quickly contacted Xavier's school for help. But Ashley had a hard time learning how to control her powers and only barely passed the test to join the X-men west coast when she was 18. While serving in the X-men west coast she developed strong feelings for the team leader Derek Acerbi.

Personality and Appearence

Ashley is a kind and caring person who is over ambitious and usually bites off way more than she can chew. Ashley is 5' 6" weighs 127 lbs and is 20 years old. She has shoulder length red hair, blue eyes and freckles. She wears black framed glasses and like the other members of her team she wears clothing specially tailored to help her blend in without restricting her during combat.


Ashley is a former student of Xavier's school and a now a survivng member of x-men west coast.


-Elemental Construction 

-Extensive auto mechanic knowledge 

-Expert with multiple sword types which she creates using elemental construction