Personal Information
Some attributes
First Age:27
Second Occupation:Teacher Applicant
Third Unknown
Other attributes


Alessandra Adessi was born in Rome, Italy on May 16th 1986 to Ronaldo Adessi and Adrienne Adessi (neé Océano). Alessandra grew up in a luxurious life until she was 4 which is when her powers started developing. Her parents were shocked when she closed all the doors and windows in the house just by using air. Alessandra had killed one of her school friends by blowing them off a bridge and that is when Alessandra took a vow of no violence or harm whatsoever from then on. Alessandra never went to Xavier's School but she learned how to control and develop her powers independently. Now she wants to teach at Xavier's School so she can help other young mutants do the same.


Alessandra is kind but deep within she holds a whole other personality of herself which she calls 'The Devil'. The Devil only comes out when Alessandra is deeply angered or in trauma or grief. It is a sort of bodyguard for herself since Alessandra herself cannot bear to cause any harm to any living being.