She is overly confiendt and she loves to say her opion, She is very friendly and kind, But also rude and not a good speaker. She hates speaking about her parents.


Adylnn -The fastet teenage girl
Being the fastet girl on this earth
 – '02:07, August 22, 2013 (UTC)'

"You cant outrun me! Just try and see!"


She was born to Joan and Richard Smith. Her father was a mutant and so was her mother. She was born on December 6. Her parents were pleased, but her mother died when she was born, Luckly she gave birth to twins girls. Her sisters name is Rebecca. She was raised in Missouri, her father was very strict on her, but otherwise her childhood was very busy. Adylnn and her sister at the age of 12 was chaced by agents when the school saved them. She and her sister are 17 years old.